And the little guys take on Rugby @CowanHouseKZN

Not my first choice – in fact not even on my agenda, not in my wildest nightmares, would I ever had conceded to my son playing rugby.  No, not going to happen.

The devastation on his face, and the disapproving looks and nods, and subsequent emails indicated to me that at this early level, there’s every chance that this game of “rugby” is a social occasion, learning the basics, without learning the “hard truth”.  I was outnumbered.

First and only practice before his first rugby festival saw Aiden acquiring absolutely everything he needed to protect his tiny frame, including buying “muscles” – the padding to cover that bony body.

End result:  they won 1, drew 2 and lost 1 to a far superior Durban Junior team.  But was it exciting?  Did I “get into it”? um.. #NoComment – I concede to having a slightly hoarse voice the following morning.

Enjoy the photos of these young men being developed into South Africa’s favourite sport.


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