#NotSpam WAHMs A legit opportunity to work from home… yes, I think so! Avast didn’t go into overwind during my research!

Firstly at the outset, let me place my initial reservations on record.  Is it or is this not spam?  I assure you, it is not.  It is a perfectly acceptable manner of making an income by working as a sort of VA to a number – a large number – of organizations internationally. And, according to these organisations, you are paid immediately for the work you produce… We can’t sniff at that!

Given the excruciatingly bad economy we are faced with in our country, and with promises of it becoming worse, we, as parents and working mothers, have no option but to try and broaden our horizons and earn a 3rd, 4th and in some cases a 5th income to support our families.

On one hand, while I work at my law job,  work in social media, still try to research and public books, and keep the blogs and websites updated, that elusive breadline just keeps rising.

So I went on a research campaign and of the 2 dozen or so sites “WORK FROM HOME” I came across, perhaps 3 came up perfectly legit with no crazy warnings and causing my Avast to get into overwind.

On the other hand, I investigated one site, which incidentally is on You Tube, has received a Business Award from Yahoo and can be found on all major platforms and did not send my anti-virus into a flat spin.  It is a reasonably priced activation fee, although a couple of hours a day you will be required to work – after all this is ont get rich quick for nothing – you DO have to work to earn, fun work… what we all love.. computers, and iPads and tech and things…

for a very small investment I think I’m in.  Nope, deal done, I am in!

Who’s going to join me?

Calling all SAHM’s.. WAHM Opportunity! Earn $1000s From Home! Get A listing of 650+ Work at Home companies! It is so very easy to work from the comfort of your home.

Secure Paypal payment of $25  to donnettedavis64 (at) mail.com for the Report that might help to get that new car!  1013142_558331917564890_1126759612_n


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