Your old pair of Runningshoes carries dream to fulfilment @ShoozforPlanet #SouthAfrica #ShoesForPlanetEarth

The future of our country is being authored now; you and I can play our part in rewriting history for the generations to come.

We may not have millions to give away, we may not have 67 years to devote to public service but your old pair of shoes could carry a dream to fulfilment.

We are running a drive to collect as many pairs of used running shoes as we can for #ShoesForPlanetEarth campaign. You can find out more about their work here:

Our hope is to give young talented children and young adults across the country a shot at attaining their dreams as athletes regardless of their present circumstances.

We would be more than grateful if you could please spread the word to athletes, family and friends about this campaign.

Shoes will be collected at races in the WesternProvince and we will be happy to collect or arrange an alternative drop off point wherever possible. May you please assist by posting this on your social media pages so we can help change our nation, one young athlete at a time.

Remember our journey to a better nation needs shoes and we hope to collect 1300 in 30 days, and we won’t be able impact 1300 lives without your pair.

For more details and arrange a pick up or drop off, please contact Edeline on 0799390026 or email edmutize

Edeline Mutize

CEO:Viv Kartsounis

Shoes for Planet Earth Inc

P O Box 216


NSW Australia 2120

Mob: +61 422 587 029

All donations are Tax Deductible!

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