‘Criminal’ Attorney Buks van der Schyff sues for personal support maintenance



‘Criminal’ attorney & delinquent father, Buks van der Schyff of Brackenfell, Cape, decides to sue for personal support for himself, according to the papers which were served on my home late yesterday in my absence.

Van der Schyff has been outwitting and intimidating court officials for over a decade and has thus far managed to evade the law by unnecessary expensive and prolonged court applications-all in the name of avoiding having to comply with a High Court order issued in 2001 in respect of maintenance contributions for his two daughters… and of course in an effort to hide his assets including a luxury Mercedes Benz, amongst other vehicles.

Last week he went as far as denying who he is to the Sheriff of the High Court despite his residence and office premises being on the same property, an address clearly advertised on his website http://www.bukslaw.com

He faces criminal charges, the penalty of which, if convicted, could result in a lengthy term of imprisonment.

I don’t think anyone deserves it more!

2 Responses to “‘Criminal’ Attorney Buks van der Schyff sues for personal support maintenance”

  1. plustenner Says:

    what a t*sser!

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