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SA beats France 2-1 – 1st host nation not to qualify for 2nd round #WorldCup

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Tshabalala SHOULD have scored, he had the hunger and determination, just never quite on target. First half Bafana were playing brilliantly, France was down to 10 men – seems that SA had a foot in the door to quallify to go through to the next round.

France’s goalkeeping was spot on in the second half. Seems to me France had more control in the second half of the game, scoring very quickly into the 2nd half. South Africa would have had to score an additional 3 goals to go forward to the next round.

Although not qualifying to go through to the next round, South Africa can be proud of their team today – they showed that they had what it takes to play world class soccer. A brilliant game, well worth watching, and although not a soccer fan, I am glad I did.

Way to go SA! Beating France was no mean feat!! Well played France, gave us the ‘run around’ second half 😛

S.Africa: 2010: FIFA World Cup: South African Tourist Horror – American Newspapers Warn Readers to be on Guard

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Credit & Thanks: AfricanCrisis.

Thursday 22-Apr-2010

[Even with these tips, you are still a massive TARGET! Americans thinking of visiting South Africa should rather visit Iraq or Afghanistan, as its a much safer option! Don’t Risk YOUR Life! Janolifant]


With one of the highest rates of violent crime in the world, South Africa plans to deploy 41,000 police officers during the World Cup tournament, June 11-July 11. Smaller crimes, such as pickpocketing and credit-card fraud, also pose a risk. Here are some safety tips.

Always lock car doors and keep windows closed. Keep phones, bags and cameras out of sight.

At traffic lights, leave room in front of your car so you can drive away in case of a hijacking attempt, even in daylight. Check side and rear mirrors for strangers approaching the car.

If bumped at a traffic light from behind, drive to the next police station.

In case of hijacking, cooperate fully. Stay calm. Keep hands in view. Make no sudden moves. Don’t meet the hijackers’ eyes. Ask permission before removing your seatbelt.

On foot, be alert and avoid isolated or dark areas and alleys. Don’t jog alone in parks or at night. Stick to well-lit areas at night. Travel in a group if possible. Use reputable taxis.

Know your route, and plan it in advance. Even if using a GPS, know the areas to avoid. If lost, don’t stop; drive to the next business or garage.

Don’t wear expensive watches, jewelry, or your camera around your neck. Don’t carry a wallet in your back pocket. Keep handbags zipped. Consider using a money belt. Use hotel safes.

Bring certified copies of important documents, such as a driver’s license and passport.

If stopped by police, check police ID. If pursued by an unmarked car with a blue flashing light, don’t speed but proceed steadily to the next police station.

At ATMs, be wary of anyone approaching you, including anyone in a police uniform. Cancel the transaction immediately.

Never let your credit card out of sight. Keep track of transactions on your bank account.

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Posted By: JanOlifant
*AfricanCrisis Volunteer*

WARNING : GRAPHIC IMAGES, South African Tourist Horror – Important Message for Men and Women Tourists

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[Pics] South African Tourist Horror – Important Message for Men and Women Tourists

Date Posted: Thursday 22-Apr-2010

[[It is important to tourists thinking of visiting South Africa, to remember South Africa is still Africa! This country is rife with violent crime, murder and genocide, and any tourists thinking of visiting need to think twice…it might just save your life! Every SIX seconds, a female in South Africa gets RAPED! That’s right, that means that while you finished reading this, SEVERAL women would have been RAPED (and that’s only the official statistics, in reality its probably closer to THREE seconds!)


To Men: If you are a Husband, Father, Brother, Son, or Friend it is YOUR responsibility to warn any female you know that wants to come to South Africa, of the dangers of RAPE, ASSAULT, and MURDER which takes place on a seconds basis. It is YOUR DUTY to try and convince and even prevent Women from entering this country, for if you do not and something happens (highly likely), you will never be able to forgive yourself! Hundreds if not thousands of South African men have been prevented from protecting their wife’s, daughters, colleagues and babies from being brutalized in the worst possible manner. Will YOU step up as a MAN and defend YOUR Women!?


To Women: If you are considering traveling to South Africa, we beg you to please reconsider! Please do your research on the issues of rape and abuse of Women in South Africa, please make sure that you know exactly what you are doing and that you have a back-up plan. If you do not reconsider, we ask that you please take preventative measures such as the anti-Rape condom detailed below…however it won’t stop you from being assaulted, mutilated and or murdered. Today’s South Africa is no place for a Woman, people are dying left right and center. GOD be with YOU. Janolifant]



South African women may be issued with anti-rape condoms ahead of the Football World Cup.

A Cape Town doctor, Sonnete Ehlers, has asked that a condom she developed five years ago be given freely to women at risk.

She has said the condom, known as the Rape-aXe, is ready to be put into widespread use.

The condom is designed to be inserted into a woman’s body. The interior has tiny spines which, in case of rape, attach to the man’s penis.

Dr Ehlers has said the condom does not draw blood, as that might increase the danger of HIV infection.

However, she said, it does cause a great deal of pain if the man tries to remove the condom.

The condom has to be removed in hospital, meaning the rapist can be identified.

Since publicly announcing her invention, Dr Ehlers has become a celebrity, stirring a worldwide debate about the merits of her anti-rape device.

She has been on talk radio shows in places as far-flung as England and Australia.

Critics argue that the Rape-aXe could cause a man to become more violent when he realises he has been trapped, and the device does not prevent penetration, one of the most traumatic aspects of rape.


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Posted By: JanOlifant
*AfricanCrisis Volunteer*

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