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#EZEMVELO KZN WILDLIFE SUSPENDS #KWACHEETAH OPERATIONS after #CheetahAttack on boy, elderly lady and Newcastle woman

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#EZEMVELO KZN WILDLIFE SUSPENDS #KWACHEETAH OPERATIONS after three cheetah attacks in recent months
25 August 2015
EZEMVELO KZN WILDLIFE (Ezemvelo) has decided to suspend commercial exhibition at KwaCheetah. KwaCheetah operates from within Nambithi Game Reserve situated outside Ladysmith. The decision to suspend KwaCheetah follows the recent incidents of cheetahs attacking at least three people within the last three months.
The first incident that Ezemvelo is aware of happened on 28th June 2015. The last two happened on 5th and 6th August 2015. The Cheetah involved in all these incidents will not be destroyed. The investigation is still on going and the Cheetah has not shown any form of aggression during the investigation.
Ezemvelo instituted an investigation on Wednesday, 12 August 2015 to determine how these attacks happened and if KwaCheetah was conducting its activities according to the Management Plan that they had submitted to Ezemvelo when they applied for a Keep in Captivity permit.
During the investigation, Ezemvelo discovered that KwaCheetah was already conducting certain activities which are still being considered whilst other activities are not in line with their Management Plan. The activities that are not in line with the submitted Management Plan have resulted in the extensive consultation and lengthy review of the proposed Management Plan.
KwaCheetah has amenably welcomed the decision and has further ceased all commercial exhibition until Ezemvelo has decided on the status of their Management Plan. Both parties are working together to ensure that KwaCheetah conducts its activities within the applicable legislation failing which the permit will not be granted.
“It has to be noted that application for a permit does not automatically imply that a permit will be granted; rather that Ezemvelo will consider all prevailing facts before reaching a decision. Applicants conducting operations without obtaining a permit prior to commencing their activities do so at their own risk. The public has a right to ask if such organizations have necessary permits and are advised not to visit such places should they not be happy with an explanation provided.” The Acting CEO of Ezemvelo, Dr MD Mabunda warned.
Musa Mntambo
Communications Manager
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife
Tel: +27 (0)33 845 1743
Cell: +27 (0)83 284 9586

#EZEMVELO KZN WILDLIFE SUSPENDS #KWACHEETAH OPERATIONS after three cheetah attacks in recent months


Cheetah Attack on KZN boy – WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES

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This is Aiden’s Story.

Meet Aiden. An active, charming, sensitive, loving, intelligent, diligent, 10 year old boy. He loves being outdoors, playing with one of their numerous pets and playing sport, be it hockey, soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis, swimming or running.

Aiden went on a school trip on Thursday 6th August 2015 to a Captive Cheetah Breeding Centre in Ladysmith, rightly expecting to be kept safe and protected. Whilst on the trip, a cheetah managed to grab hold of Aiden, rip chunks of flesh and skin off of him and puncture him with bites. All this whilst the poor child tried to punch the cheetah to free himself from its grip. The same cheetah had attacked an elderly lady the previous day, who has just been released from ICU, but this was never disclosed until some 4 days after Aiden’s event.


It is evident from the initial doctor’s report that the tissue (muscle) and skin around the wounds had already become infected and that it was necrotic – that means it was dying.

Aiden’s Angels International – GoGetFunding | GoGetFunding.

And the little guys take on Rugby @CowanHouseKZN

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Not my first choice – in fact not even on my agenda, not in my wildest nightmares, would I ever had conceded to my son playing rugby.  No, not going to happen.

The devastation on his face, and the disapproving looks and nods, and subsequent emails indicated to me that at this early level, there’s every chance that this game of “rugby” is a social occasion, learning the basics, without learning the “hard truth”.  I was outnumbered.

First and only practice before his first rugby festival saw Aiden acquiring absolutely everything he needed to protect his tiny frame, including buying “muscles” – the padding to cover that bony body.

End result:  they won 1, drew 2 and lost 1 to a far superior Durban Junior team.  But was it exciting?  Did I “get into it”? um.. #NoComment – I concede to having a slightly hoarse voice the following morning.

Enjoy the photos of these young men being developed into South Africa’s favourite sport.


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Bringing Joy to our Senior Citizens this #Christmas

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A day before Aiden was admitted to hospital, 2 November 2013, he, along with other Grade 2’s of our wonderful family school Cowan House Prep in Hilton (get them on Twitter @CowanHouseKZN) headed by by Chief Angel Annie Powell, (Gr2P) put together a “surprise visit” to Golden Pond Retirement Village in Howick.

Established in 1987 Golden Pond Retirement Village in Somerset Road in Hilton has grown and prospered. Everyone who visits falls in love with the quaint appeal and country atmosphere. Each sectional title dwelling has its own little garden. These are ideally sized, anything bigger would consume way too much energy in maintenance. Yet there is enough room to have some small fruit trees. Many of these little gardens are extremely lovely, a result of being lovingly tended.

For practical purposes and convenience there is a homely Care Centre which is managed by a friendly and kind nursing sister. This is a lovely place where residents can enjoy a secure lifestyle while being cared for with dignity and respect.

Source: Hilton Village

At first sight it seems rather lavish for a retirement home, and I wondered why we had chosen Golden Pond rather than say, Riverside, or Sunnyside, where residents are far less independent and rely more on government subsidies or payments from their families for even the smallest room.  Of course it makes sense to spread a little Christmas Cheer to any of our senior citizens, regardless of where they may be.  It seemed more likely to opt for a centre where there is less likelihood of the little extras, the comforts of home…

Here are a few pictures of what was a happy day.  Despite my misgivings at the choice of venue, what did hit home very clearly is that very often these dear old folk are living in their retirement centres, be it a rather lavish, high security centre with frail care and all the frills, or a room within a dormitory type facility, are lonely.  How often I wonder do we place our parents in retirement homes and then make the perfunctory once or twice a year visit?

The smiles of joy, tears of gratitude and laughter that emanated from these folks told me that once again Cowan House was spot on.   We were there to spread some joy.   We were there to tell our senior citizens that “we care about you, you are not forgotten.  We care, and we love you.  Happy Christmas.”  And so we did, armed with gift vouchers, mince pies and cookies, Santa’s little elves along with recorders and who sang and danced and played their beautiful (sometimes rather off-key) music.  What a touching, heartwarming and soul-searching morning it was.  After the activities we walked around the beautiful manicured gardens and had a picnic near the pond.   Truly beautiful, very peaceful.   And I can imagine, for some, very lonely.

Enjoy the images please of a day that brought happiness to so many.

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I did a small amount of research on statistics of retirees in South Africa and it comes as no surprise really that the situation is worsening annually.   Says CoverSA:

South Africans are facing a very real retirement crisis – 60% of South African pensioners interviewed as part of Sanlam’s Benchmark Retirement Survey do not have enough to live on and this already bleak figure is steadily worsening. Plus, 94 % of South Africans can’t maintain a decent standard of living during retirement.

Of these, 64% were forced to cut back on living expenses and 31% had to carry on working after the retirement age of 65. What’s more is that 29% of those pensioners also had debt. “The situation is dire,” says Brian Spanier-Marson, retirement expert and MD of Mr. Retirement, “and although it may not be something that you necessarily want to contemplate, especially if you’re a young person, the question of whether you are indeed saving enough for your retirement is crucial.”

These statistics are shocking, particularly because many of these retirees come from an environment where a company made provisions for them, based on the number of years of their service. What’s more, is that the present generation has it much better than the generation that is to follow, which due to the current recession (and accompanying low investment returns), are headed for a retirement train wreck.

Further to this “In South Africa, there is virtually no social safety net that will assist you when you are old and you need it, so it is crucial to adjust your savings accordingly while you still have the chance.”  Which then of course brings us to the ridiculously high unemployment level, and the various criteria based on race and gender (not qualifications) which could preclude an otherwise very active, very useful member of a specific trade from obtaining work.

While improving the sustainability of pension systems, these reforms have often left future retirees with a lower replacement level from first-pillar pensions than today’s retirees. This has placed the question of adequacy of retirement income firmly on the political agenda.

I think it is important to remember that we need to look to the future, with whatever means we have now, and plan as far as we are able to.  In the meantime where we are able to spread a little happiness and cheer to any community, let us be the first to do it!  That hour or two of your day can change an entire Christmas season for an entire community.   Just do it!


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