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Entry for 05 September 2008 – Feels like coming home LOLOLOLOL

Posted in donnette e davis on September 4, 2008 by Donnette E Davis


St Aiden’s Homeschooling will be back up and running and on line in the next few days – more activities, more pages, more free, fun, informational and educational freebies for the whole family.

Sadly due to relocation here there and everywhere else I had to pop my site on hold until I was in a position to provide my visitors with the information and activities and links and downloads that they are used to receiving from St Aiden’s Homeschool.

For those of you who have supported St Aiden’s publications and activities via various other forums eg. and not to mention the various blogs and my favourite webmasters and webmistresses I thank you.

Blessings to one and all, and I really really look forward to our interaction once again.

Very best regards

Donnette E Davis, Aiden, Savannah and Clarissa

PS Feels like a light has come on again… 🙂 geovisit();

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