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I am me, first and foremost a single mother to 6 blessings, a HUGE fan of REAL people… passionate about my children’s education and elected to start homeschooling some years back. I research, compile and publish free Educational materials on my St Aiden’s homeschooling website, and publish digitally and POD with a number of publishers.

I am passionate and extreme about Humanitarian Causes, AIDS Research, AIDS Orphans, Education in Africa, Abused and Abandonded Children, Human Rights, Women’s and Children’s Rights, Animal and Nature Conservation.  I love deeply and hurt easily.  Always willing to give the benefit of the doubt – ONCE~!!

I am also a Social Media Integrator and Coach working with some of the most awesome artists, authors, producers, webmasters and entrepeneurs. I also work for my own account on Social Media Integration and paving the way for writers and artists who prefer to do what they do best – sing, perform, write and act.

Marketing and PR Manager in Africa for Author/Producer/Dance therapist working with Children with Special Needs/International Healer, Dzagbe Cudjoe and work closely with UK singing sensation Steven Hyperspecial Whyte, Australia’s Hottest Rock Band, Damien Cripps Band, best selling authors Nancy Wylde, Cavin Wright, Irene J Harvey and many more.

I have an active interest in environmental issues, world affairs, international military, supporting the troops, AIDS education and AIDS Orphans, natural disasters and how we can make a difference… abuse and neglect, law, human rights, women’s and children’s rights, endangered African animals – animal and environmental conservation in general, and am affiliated with a number of Cause-Related Organisations. Visit me at Care2.com :O)

I also research and write about Children with Learning Difficulties, such as Autism, ADHD, etc, as I feel there is still much to be learnt and understood. Childhood Development is of Paramount Importance to our future and I believe one cannot focus too heavily on providing exceptional free and low cost quality educational and parenting resources.

With over 200 social netowrking and blogging sites it is difficult to list them all but a good guess is that one or other will connect up via Facebook, YourCause, Squidoo or Twitter 🙂

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