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#HORROR>Dept of Environmental Affairs is exploring option of making trade in rhino horn legal in SA #LegalBrief #SaveTheRhino

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South Africa: Rare vultures poisoned; Drive to cut carbon emissions
Africa: Polluting poultry firms threatened with closure
World: Global warming ‘on pause’; China’s $277bn bid for cleaner air

Environmental Focus

Conservation: Report points the way forward in fight against rhino poaching
A key report has recommended steps the SA Government needs to take to halt the scourge of rhino poaching, writes Legalbrief. The Department of Environmental Affairs is exploring the option of making trade in rhino horn legal in SA and then entering the massive market through controlled dehorning, says a report in The Citizen. It notes this was in reaction to a recommendation made by the Rhino Issue Management (RIM). ‘Making trade illegal is not stopping rhino poaching, but only makes it harder to analyse the market for the product at hand,’ said RIM’s economic consultant Keith Lockwood. RIM is a consulting process that took place in 2012 with the aim of facilitating an understanding of the challenges relating to rhino conservation in the face of poaching. The final report, containing suggestions on how this problem should be addressed, was submitted to the Minister of Environmental Affairs in January. The report suggested that SA should lift the ban on the rhino horn trade and enter the market through selling of horns at auctions. The horns would be obtained from rhinos which have been dehorned in a controlled environment, or rhinos that have died of natural causes. Lockwood said improving safety and security measures alone would not be enough to stop the rhino carnage in SA. The department, however, said they only partially support dehorning and legalising the trade, as ‘there is still a lot that needs to be done’.
Full report in The Citizen

SA’s rhino population will rapidly decline in the next three years if it is not protected and poaching is not eradicated, according to the RIM report released last week. A report in The Citizen notes that at current poaching levels, rhino numbers would decline significantly by 2016, and possibly earlier in the KrugerNational Park, according to SA National Parks former CEO Mavuso Msimang, who headed the research. At least 515 rhino had been killed in the country so far this year. A total of 668 rhino were killed in the country last year. Msimang said although live birth rates exceeded death rates, more stringent measures should be implemented to protect them. The report, titled Rhino Issue Management, recommended greater political will from authorities, a central funding mechanism to fight poaching, harsher sentences to deter criminals, and evaluating the rhino horn trade with other countries, especially in Asia, where the horn was in demand. Commercial trade in rhino horn was also recommended to curb poaching. Environmental affairs department deputy DG Fundisile Mketeni said the recommendation to allow commercial trade in rhino horn would form part of a rhino trade proposal to be submitted at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora in 2016.
Full report in The Citizen

The report urged the government to remove the moratorium on domestic trade before seeking international agreements in 2016, says a BDlive report. It notes rhino horn sales have been banned for more than 30 years under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites), but increasing demand from Asian countries has sparked an increase in poaching. Rhino horn sells for an estimated $60 000/kg. According to the report, SA has become a prime target for rhino horn poaching as the country has about 90% of the total world rhino population and 73% of Africa’s. There are about 18 910 white rhino and 2 044 black rhino in SA. Inadequate intelligence for both government conservation agencies and private wildlife owners is the ‘Achilles heel’ in their efforts to protect the country’s rhino population. A report on the IoL site says this is according to the RIM report.
Full BDlive report
Full report on the IoL site
Full Rhino Issue Management report (PDF)
See Legalbrief Policy Watch (below)

Selling the plight of the country’s rhino to mainstream American audiences is proving difficult, a panel discussing the issue heard in Durban last week. Film maker Richard Slater Jones, who directed the 2012 documentary film Saving Rhino Phila, said film producers faced a ‘difficult balance between information and entertainment’, according to a report on the News24 site. Films that showed men battling crocodiles with their bare hands drew audiences and pushed up television ratings. Films on the rhino did not fall into that category. Another film maker, Peter Lamberti, said he was not sure how the rhino issue could achieve more entertainment value to attract more attention. The panel discussion was part of Wild Talk Africa, the largest international wildlife and natural history film festival and conference in Africa.
Full report on the News24 site

The hunting of rhino for their horns continues, according to a report on the News24 site which notes Czech authorities last week seized 24 white rhino horns and charged 16 suspected members of an international smuggling ring, the customs department said. The horns, believed in parts of Asia to heal illnesses including cancer and sold as an aphrodisiac, were worth $5m, customs and police officials said.
Full report on the News24 site

Staying with the fight to save the rhino, in a desperate bid to preserve the critically endangered species, a US zoo is taking the controversial step of trying to mate brother and sister captive Sumatran rhinos. The coupling of six-year-old Harapan and his older sister Suci could take place as early as August at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, animal keepers say, according to a report on the News24 site. It notes the tactic has stirred strong emotions, but Terri Roth, director of the Lindner Centre for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife, said she has no other choice. Conservation experts say there are as few as 100 Sumatran rhino left in the wild in their native lands of Indonesia and Malaysia. In captivity, there are only 10 in the world.
Full report on the News24 site

KZN High Court rules Mandela Marathon WILL go ahead as planned

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IT IS all systems go for the Mandela Day Marathon. This comes after a complaint laid by athletics clubs from the Umgugundlovu district was struck off the roll at the Pietermaritzburg High Court yesterday.

Members of the Tholizwe Sports Clubs and the Edendale Runners Society had filed a complaint against the Umgungundlovu District Municipality, claiming that the municipality had taken over the race and was profiting from it without consulting them.

Veteran long distance runner and the head of Edendale Runners Society Sibusiso Mahlangu said the Mandela Day race had been taking place for some time and that it was unfair for the municipality to muscle out the runners.

The application to halt the race, which is scheduled to take place on August 25, was unsuccessful after the Tholizwe Sports Club failed to provide the court with membership registration documents.

Mlungisi Shangase, the club’s spokesman, said the club had been unable to do this due to the short notice.

“There was just not enough time to compile all the material because of the location of some of our members,” he said.

The race has been marred by controversy since it was announced earlier in the year with some runners complaining about the administration of the race and not being able to register properly.

Speaking about this, Mahlangu said they had been trying to speak to the municipality but had received no response.

He also indicated that runners might boycott the race.

“Right now we have to go back to the members of our clubs and consult with them about whether we want to run in the race or not,” he said.

The Independent on Saturday
27 Jul 2013

#TrueStory @NathanMartin9 “I’m doing #MandelaMarathon for Tata Madiba!”

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We “met” Nathan in Twitter.  Immediately his enthusiasm and interest in #MandelaMarathon struck a chord.  There seemed a sheer determination and an inherent passion in him, so much so that he felt he HAD to run this marathon.   I asked him if he would mind sharing his “why” with us, and he immediately agreed.   After suffering a knee injury, which he will still be nursing during the grueling marathon ahead, he has entered and started training for the 42.2km event on 25 August.


This is his story:


My name is Nathan Martin, I was born in Newcastle, Northern Natal in the year 1982.  I now reside in Durban since ’97.
In preparation to run my first Comrades Marathon 2013, I sustained an injury to my right knee and could not participate. It was really frustrating since I had qualified and entered.
Getting back onto the road and training again brought about that sense of freedom. A feeling of ecstasy, that most runners like me find difficulty in articulating what it actually is, that brings such passion to run.

The distances I generally run are more or less 15km. Growing up I was never really a long distance runner.

I started running longer distances last year. My longest is a 52km ultra marathon.

After having watched a clip on TV, informing viewers about the MDM, I decided there and then that I had to be a part of it!


This was huge for me.


Yes, it’s all about Nelson Mandela, an absolute icon, in leading the struggle against apartheid in our country. How could I not be a part of the MDM?

It will be my first MDM.


I’ve heard its a tough course. I will be doing the 42km run and since I’m not familiar with the route and also still recovering with my knee injury, I hope to finish in 5hrs.

I’m doing it for Tata Madiba!


I’m constantly in awe of people like Nathan, who so powerfully put across their message and who, despite injury, will, for the love of Madiba, attempt to run his first Mandela Day Marathon.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, and for supplying the awesome photos.   #MandelaMarathon #ROC and all officials wish you the very best for an amazing race.   May you go from strength to strength and come 25 August, be injury-free while you achieve the Triumph of the Human Spirit .
Nathan Martin, athlete..

Nathan Martin, athlete..

Nathan martin, "I'm running Mandela Marathon for Tata Madiba"

Nathan martin, “I’m running Mandela Marathon for Tata Madiba”

Determined, enthusiastic and excited, a pleasure to know Nathan.

Determined, enthusiastic and excited, a pleasure to know Nathan.



Woohoo! You did it!!

Woohoo! You did it!!

via 3 #TrueStory @NathanMartin9 “I’m doing #MandelaMarathon for Tata Madiba!”.











CMA @ComradesRace hosts Xiamen Delegation 26.7.2013 #Press Release

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Comrades Marathon Association – Media Release: CMA hosts Xiamen Delegation

Image: CMA Vice Chairperson, Macdonald Chitja and Board Member, Cheryl Winn accepting a gift from Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sports Director, Du Haiyang


The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) hosted a delegation from the Chinese port city of Xiamen at Comrades Marathon House on Friday, 26 July 2013. The high powered four member delegation representing various sporting bodies in the south eastern Chinese city met with members of the CMA Board and Staff in a bid to learn more about the world’s most iconic ultra-marathon and to cement ties with the CMA on behalf of the Xiamen Marathon.

Leading the delegation was Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sports Director, Du Haiyang who was extremely impressed by the CMA’s long and illustrious history as well as its high ranking in the global road-running fraternity. Haiyang went on to highlight the parallels between the CMA and the ruling party of China; both of which go back to their origins in the year 1921.

CMA Vice Chairperson, Macdonald Chitja welcomed the visitors, saying ‘This is a wonderful opportunity for the two road-running organisers to collaborate and share valuable knowledge with each other. The CMA has been at the forefront of impeccable race organising and we are always happy and willing to share our long-founded knowledge and experience with international road running organisers.’

The aim of the visitors to our country is to find out more about the world’s biggest and oldest ultra-marathon and to create a more cohesive working relationship between the Comrades Marathon and the Xiamen Marathon. A CMA delegation was sent to the Xiamen International Marathon in 2011 upon invitation from the Race Organising Committee there.

Following in those footsteps, another invitation has been extended to the CMA to be a part of the 2014 Xiamen Marathon on 2 January. The plan of the CMA is to identify two up and coming Comrades Marathon runners, in conjunction with KwaZulu-Natal Athletics, who will accompany the CMA team and participate in the 2014 Xiamen International Marathon.

It is worth noting that the Xiamen International Marathon has been held every year since 2003 and carries the accolade of an International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) Gold Label Road Race for five consecutive years. The City of Xiamen also carries the accolade of being China’s "most romantic leisure city" as well as being ranked as the country’s second "most suitable city for living".

CMA General Manager, Gary Boshoff says, ‘We are proud to host the Xiamen delegation, having done so for the past two years now; thereby creating working partnerships with international races. The Xiamen International Marathon is not only an esteemed Gold Label Race but also a member of the Association of International Marathons (AIMS) and like the Comrades Marathon, is known for its immaculate organising and world class standards.’

Statement issued by the Comrades Marathon Association’s Media Officer, Delaine Cools on Friday, 26 July 2013

For an interview, please contact:

· CMA General Manger, Gary Boshoff on 082 805 2926

· CMA Vice Chairperson, Macdonald Chitja on 083 645 6422

Interview + Pics @ShaunMeiklejohn on running #MandelaMarathon #UnitingInSport

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Craig Fry caught up with Shaun and asked him a few questions about his inaugural running of Mandela Marathon in 2012 and his thoughts for those running in 2013 – he will be running also. Before I get to that, I would just like to quote some paragraphs from a few organisations / people who have had nothing but praise for this legend.
Says Stu Walker of iThemba Projects:
Just to mention – Shaun has been a massive ambassador for the club that we have setup in association with Mashaka School in Sweetwaters. He has kindly attended events such as this one, organised for the kids to join a running clinic and receive shoes and has tirelessly helped over the years to find funding for the work – so these kids have the opportunity to not only receive proper training but also participate in events – and achieve what would’ve never been possible otherwise. I’ve also attached a little report/thank you we put together for the end of this last school term – which hopefully outlines a bit.

I couldn’t think of anyone better than Shaun to do a write up on for the Mandela Marathon!

The Mandela Project – Be the Change you want to see – Join @NdabaMandela’s online community #GivingBack

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Hello Everyone

As is well known I am involved with the Mandela Marathon – a marathon held annually to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela, who is considered not only the father of a Nation, but a Continent and indeed an international icon, a hero in a world that needs them. Mandela Marathon is endorsed and supported directly by the Madiba Family and the Nelson Mandela Foundation and we are proud to announce that MDM has “set up” in the home as well. Join us on Twitter and Facebook too, where you can share your thoughts, experiences and inspirations with us and thousands of others.

Following in the great man’s footsteps are his grandsons, and both Mandla and Ndaba are very involved in community developments and nation building. Together we can all make a huge global impact. Change needs to start within ourselves as individuals. YOU BE THE CHANGE…

I encourage you to join Ndaba Mandela’s online community, where you can share your events, inspirations and stories with others. How can YOU make a difference? – and yes, Ndaba really IS Madiba’s grandson and you can follow him on Twitter J

Facebook icon"=" Like Twitter icon"=" Tweet

My grandfather, Nelson Mandela, believed that we each have the capacity to make a positive difference in the world. Just as each journey must begin with a single step, your pledge is a step forward in creating a compassionate global community.

I have been inspired by my grandfather and hope that you will help me to continue his legacy. My online community,, provides a home for aspiring and established activists to come together to share, learn and inspire each other to make our world a better place.

Please help me by joining today. Together we can change the world.

Kind Regards,
Ndaba Mandela


#MandelaMarathon Video – Where it all began! #Mandela – A Hero For All

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Mandela Marathon 2013 Promo Video – Where it all began! #Mandela – YouTube.


As described by Anant Singh in “A Hero for All” in a world hungry for heroes and positive role models, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela stands apart as one of the most admired leaders in the world, truly the man of the millennium.

As he stepped down after 5 years in office leading his country to the one he envisioned of democracy, an Africa at peace in itself, Mandela’s message is an example that resonates worldwide.    Mandela Marathon will be held on 25 August 2013 on a route befitting the struggles of the Giant of this nation, a route that has been dubbed “one of the toughest marathon road courses in the world”.

Here is a part of the history that surrounds this marathon and the inaugural running of it, and a brief introduction to the running of the 2013 marathon.


Please connect with Mandela Marathon and share YOUR story:…

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