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Say no to Eskom! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION – #Eskom is ruining #SouthAfrica

Posted in donnette e davis on March 31, 2010 by Donnette E Davis

Eskom is about to win a giant loan from the World Bank to build a massive coal plant. We have just days to stop this disastrous plan, which would lock South Africa in to a dirty-energy economy. Let’s tell the World Bank board that South Africa wants clean energy, not coal — sign the petition now:

Sign the Petition!
Sign the Petition!

PLEASE!! All my contacts in Twitter, Facebook, and any other Social Media sites, please PLEASE read this post and share and post – but most importantly, please take 2 minutes to sign this petition which can and will affect every single South African adversely if the proposed R29 billion loan to Eskom is approved. Eskom will have NO WAY of repaying this loan. Eskom is all but bankrupt, as is the rest of the country. This will be a national disaster. Don’t let the South African Run Corporations destroy even further what used to be a well-loved and prosperous country.

If anyone has ever read any of my posts on Eskom, Telkom and/or the South African Government and the corruption within you will realise that this country is practically bankrupt as a result of mismanagement, corruption, theft. It has become impossible to live here, and impossible to leave. With Eskom’s constant scheduled power outages countrywide (the schedules of which are not disclosed) sections of South Africa are left without the very basic services that are promised in the Constitution and for which we are paying an extremely high monthly fee – amongst the highest in the world.

In Durban alone a doctor is running his surgery by candlelight, reported on the news on 30 March 2010. During last week the city of Pietermaritzburg erupted into violent protests with angry residents of this small city taking to the streets, burning barricades and placing the lives of innocent people in danger as the police and Eskom disconnected essential power cables. The Pietermaritzburg Municipality purchases power through Eskom and the entire Municipality, bar a few, have been dismissed from their posts for corruption, fraud, mismanagement and theft, this includes the Mayor. While new persons have been appointed in a temporary capacity, their ability to remedy the shambles that this once thriving city is in, will take years to rectify. Known as “The City of Choice”, Pietermaritzburg us Capital of KwaZulu-Natal and it is simply not safe to drive the 4 kilometres from one end of this small city to the other. It also ranks as having one of the highest crime rates in South Africa, which in turn has recently been awarded the dubious title of having the “Highest Crime Rate In the World:”…

With your support and your help, we can at least try to prevent further price hikes by this corrupt Government organisation. Their threats of further power outages have affected the entire economy of the country, and they simply disconnect power supply if their constant demands are not met.

If they are afforded this loan, it will place a further burden on the man in the street in South Africa who at this stage is paying more than half of the average monthly income on services which are not being received – if the man in the street is fortunate enough to have employment.

Please stand together, stand with the few remaining citizens of South Africa who actually care enough to try and make a difference for those who are unable to.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION… It will take literally 2 minutes of your time… PLEASE!!

Thank you so much for reading the email below that I have received from Avaaz, an independent impartial humanitarian aid organisation that works for the betterment of all throughout the world.

Best wishes

” In just days, the World Bank will vote on a proposed R29 billion loan to Eskom to build the fourth-largest coal plant in the world

The Rape Trade – AVAAZ – thank you for taking the time to care

Posted in donnette e davis on March 29, 2010 by Donnette E Davis

I received this email and KNEW it was something that I had to share… please read and repost..

thank you for taking the time to care.

Millions of women and girls are sold for rape every year — some estimate 2 every minute. We can save these young girls from horror. Click below to donate to Avaaz’s new drive to halt the rape trade:

Donate Now!


Amita was a sweet 9 year old girl who loved her family. One day, she was kidnapped, taken to a city far away and put in a cage. She was forced to have sex with dozens of men per day, and brutally beaten when she cried or refused. 5 terror-filled years later, suffering from sexually transmitted disease, she died from a beating at age 14.

Amita’s story is about the worst nightmare imaginable, but the UN estimates that millions of women and girls are traded for rape every year

“Michael Yon has moved very close to the status of legend..” ~ Media Reports 28 March 2010

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More news on my/yours/our American hero, the renown Army Green Beret-turned-Iraq/Afghanistan war correspondent, Michael Yon

Quoting “Of those who are able to cover a war firsthand,  Michael Yon has moved very close to the status of legend………..”

This is a team effort: Your CASH is required to keep these dispatches coming.  Please donate NOW .  Your support is crucial and appreciated.

Michael Yon
P.O. Box 5553
Winter Haven, Fl 33880

By Glenn Reynolds
MICHAEL YON POSTS SOME COOL PICS FROM AFGHANISTAN, and reports: “A scent of weakness is in the air. The Taliban remain deadly and capable – yet they seem to be losing the initiative. ‘Shaping Operations’ are underway.
Instapundit –
The Battle for Kandahar: Part I – Jesse’s Hunting & Outdoors Forum
By Michael Yon RSS Feed
Arghandab & The Battle for Kandahar, Michael Yon RSS Feed, Military, Survival & Home Defense, 0, 12-12-2009 09:30 PM. Afghanistan: Security Raised at Kandahar Airfield, Michael Yon RSS Feed, Military, Survival & Home Defense
Jesse’s Hunting & Outdoors Forum –
Dispatch: Battle for Kandahar (Part I) – Small Wars Council
By SWJ Blog
Michael Yon is a former Green Beret who has been reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan since December 2004. No other reporter has spent as much time with combat troops in these two wars. Michael’s dispatches from the frontlines have
Small Wars Council –
The Jawa Report: Afghanistan: Soldiers Can Make A Difference
By Stable Hand
A big h/t to Michael Yon who stated: This is good. These are the soldiers I am now with. They think they can make a difference. I believe them. God Bless you Michael Yon for alerting us to the stories of our finest and bravest.
The Jawa Report –
Kevin Dayhoff – Soundtrack: Recent columns in The Tentacle by
By Kevin Dayhoff
In an incident, almost totally ignored by the dominant United States major news media, comes word that an American hero, the renown Army Green Beret-turned-Iraq/Afghanistan war correspondent, Michael Yon, was “arrested” January 5 as he
Kevin Dayhoff – Soundtrack – – How to Win Mexico’s Drug War – The Daily Beast
Michael Yon / Online Magazine: New Afghan war: Frontline correspondent says fight has morphed – but we still can’t afford to lose — This story was published in the New York Daily News on 6 September 2009. – Newest Content –
This is good…. | Facebook
Michael Yon wrote: This is good. These are the soldiers I…
Yon tells war stories as he sees and lives them (Part 1 of 2
Of those who are able to cover a war firsthand, Michael Yon has moved very close to the status of legend. His readers, and they are legion, compare him to

Victory Caucus – Michael Yon: The Battle for Kandahar: Part I
p pimg class=”caption” src=” bfkpt1/533ac-1000.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Stryker vehicles of the 1-17th Infantry

Afghanistan (28 Mar): Michael Yon – Battle for Kandahar (Part I
A relatively short piece from Yon this time out. We’ve been told for some time now that the Battle for Kandehar would not begin like the Battle for Marja

有關「 Michael Yon 」的轉貼| Facebook
Michael Yon Online Magazine dispatches from the frontline of Iraq and Afghanistan Michael Yon Thank you to Kay Day for this very generous article!

MICHAEL YON: The Scent Of Weakness…. – Instapundit – FriendFeed
MICHAEL YON: The Scent Of Weakness…. MICHAEL YON: The Scent Of Weakness…. –…

Via Michael Yon — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
Opinion Shop : Lois Kazakoff: The difference your donations made, via Michael Yon, Facebook. Credit source with Thanks : Opinion Shop : Lois Kazakoff: The – “The Scent Of Weakness” – Taliban Suicide Bombing
Ex-Green Beret and War Correspondent Michael Yon Arrested at SeaTac for Not Another terrific post full of photographs from Afghanistan, by Michael Yon

The Scent of Weakness- Taliban Losing in Afghanistan – Topix
25 March 2010 by Michael Yon. “The enemy remains very deadly, yet the scent of their weakness Michael Yon reports from the battlefields of Afghanistan.

Theme song park yon – MP3 Search & Free Mp3 Downloads
Artist: Michael Yon Album: Michael Yon Interviews Michael Totten Genre: (12) Year: 2009
Stryker Brigade News: New Yon Dispatch
Michael Yon has a new dispatch, The Scent of Weakness, from Afghanistan. New Yon Dispatch. Michael Yon has a new dispatch, The Scent of Weakness,

A Look At The Cult Of Being A Suicide Bomber « Read NEWS
Tags: black tiger, countless thousands, michael yon, platoons, raw material, smart bombs, From Canada: A Thank You to U.S. Service Members — Michael Yon

This is a team effort: Your CASH is required to keep these dispatches coming. Please donate NOW.

Your support is crucial and appreciated.

Michael Yon
P.O. Box 5553
Winter Haven, Fl 33880


Danger Close – Fourth Edition
(Hardcover, Library Binding) – by Michael Yon

* Hardcover: 432 pages
* Advance Sale: Ships in 48 hours
* Publisher: Apple Pie Publishers; 4th edition (Dec 1, 2005)
* Language: English
* ISBN: 0615276652
For those who became familiar with Michael Yon’s work through his riveting dispatches from the frontlines in Iraq, this first book will provide some answers to the question “who is this guy?” An engrossing personal memoir, first published in 2001, Yon’s autobiography spans from his early, almost idyllic childhood in Florida to just after he completed his Special Forces training. It is unflinchingly honest, raw at times, and filled with promise and portend of his career as an explorer and writer.
Order Danger Close Online | View Published Chapters

Moment of Truth in Iraq
(Hardcover, Library Binding) – by Michael Yon

* Hardcover:
* Advance Order: Estimated Ship Date April 2008
* Language: English

In Moment of Truth in Iraq, Michael sends a strong message: In 2007 we averted disaster and made great progress. But we still face grave dangers—and critical moments just ahead. Even as the War is ending in Iraq, the conflict in Afghanistan is brewing and that’s why he is preparing to not only return to Iraq but Afghanistan as well. He plans on continuing to report exclusive material as only Michael can.

Please click here for the Moment of Truth in Iraq.

Gwen Nieman Reports | The Pursuit of Truth Can Be Elusive in Africa

Posted in africa, Media with tags on March 28, 2010 by Donnette E Davis

Credit Source with Thanks : Nieman Reports | The Pursuit of Truth Can Be Elusive in Africa.

By Gwen Lister

Journalism in Africa has to be engaged in the pursuit of truth. I emphasize “pursuit,” since we neither attain it always, nor is it always within our grasp.

Truth is a very elusive concept. In the act of pure reportage, the journalist is often simply the carrier of a message. By probing deeper, investigative journalists have more of a chance of uncovering at least some of the truth,but still not necessarily all. The reader, listener or viewer must finally make a judgment about its veracity.

All of us surely know what truth is or what the word aspires to be. Yet it would be unwise to give this most weighty of journalistic principles a simplistic definition. For example, when considered in the African context, journalists contend with a variety of factors that fail to take into account whether a report is truthful. Many people, especially among those who serve in our governments, often don’t care if what we publish is true; when we write about opposition parties, we are viewed as “trying to promote the aims of other political parties,” and when we pursue our watchdog role, “truth” is characterized as disloyalty if it falls into the category of criticism. Recently, the government imposed on its ministries an advertising ban of my independent newspaper, The Namibian, on the grounds that it is anti-government (i.e., performing its watchdog role).

One might argue that here truth is very much a secondary thing. For many journalists on the African continent, particularly those who are “independents,” their struggle is also against forces of intolerance. In an attempt to silence and intimidate reporters, attacks are made on journalists, and our integrity is constantly questioned not only by government officials—including the president—but echoed by rabid elements of the political party.

For many Africans, democracy is a new concept. In nations that have recently emerged from oppressive regimes, some governments guarantee freedom of speech and of the press, in principle. In practice, the situation is much different. Until very recently, most television and radio stations and many newspapers in Africa were government-owned and -controlled. There was little critical, independent reporting. Journalists acted as the transmission belt to convey government’s thinking to its people. They were not expected, in turn, to convey the people’s thinking back to government.

This is why the emergence of an independent, critical press is so important. That we need to name this entity must seem odd to journalists in older democracies. What on earth is an “independent press?” But in 1991, in a historic conference in Windhoek, Namibia, African journalists adopted the Windhoek Declaration. It said, “the establishment, maintenance and fostering of an independent, pluralistic and free press is essential to the development and maintenance of democracy in a nation, and for economic development.”

The meaning of “independent” was hotly debated. In some ways, the “alternative” press (alternative to mainstream, primarily government-owned media) had transformed itself into the independent press. The Windhoek Declaration defined “independent” as meaning free “from government, political or economic control,” but journalists argued that media also must be editorially independent, regardless of ownership.

The adoption of the declaration was a significant step forward for journalism in Africa. It told the world that African journalists were tired of echoing words of political leadership and wanted to actively pursue the truth of what was happening. To a large extent it gave a moral boost to free up journalists to utilize their watchdog role over state and society.

In many African countries, governments paid lip service to the declaration but did little to facilitate the media’s transformation. Today, the African independent press remains very fragile and vulnerable. It operates amid varying degrees of hostility, notwithstanding the continent’s “winds of democratic change.” The winds that blew in constitutional gains (guaranteeing press freedom) represented a change of mind, not of heart.

The independent press continues to pursue the truth. It is a quest with consequences. Many in our governments perceive and accuse the independent press of being the Trojan Horse for the forces of imperialism and capitalism; often, we are portrayed as “the enemy.” In Namibia, despite our difficulties, we are better off than many other independent press in Africa which encounter large-scale violations of press freedom, even death for journalists and truthseekers in the vanguard of this struggle for the independent press.

Our democracies are evolving. They remain as vulnerable and fragile as the independent press itself. Perhaps it is too soon to expect the majority of people will support the pursuit for truth in journalism. But while we wait, as independent African journalists we must pursue the truth no matter how unpopular or unpalatable, and at whatever price we are forced to pay.

Gwen Lister, a 1996 Nieman Fellow, is editor of The Namibian, which she founded in 1985. She was recently named one of the 50 World Press Freedom Heroes by the International Press Institute.

BloggALot – #SpeakZA – The right to press freedom

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BloggALot – #SpeakZA – The right to press freedom.

Last week, shocking revelations concerning the activities of the ANC Youth League spokesperson Nyiko Floyd Shivambu came to the fore. According to a letter published in various news outlets, a complaint was laid by 19 political journalists with the Secretary General of the ANC, against Shivambu. This complaint letter detailed attempts by Shivambu to leak a dossier to certain journalists, purporting to expose the money laundering practices of Dumisani Lubisi, a journalist at the City Press. The letter also detailed the intimidation that followed when these journalists refused to publish these revelations. We condemn in the strongest possible terms the reprisals against journalists by Shivambu. His actions constitute a blatant attack on media freedom and a grave infringement on Constitutional rights. It is a disturbing step towards dictatorial rule in South Africa.


Warning on human trafficking, @News24, SouthAfrica #WorldCup

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Credit source with thanks: Warning on human trafficking: News24: SouthAfrica: News.

Johannesburg – Church leaders on Tuesday urged communities to be aware of human trafficking ahead of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

“Countering trafficking in persons requires formation in communities and awareness-raising, especially considering the 2010 World Cup,” National Church Leaders said in a statement.

Church leaders across Christian denominations called for unity after they met in Stellenbosch for a two-day gathering.

They agreed to work together to meet President Jacob Zuma and government officials.

“Church Leaders called for a greater unity in concern for the dignity of all in South Africa, in action to build a better society and in joint action as part of the world community,” read a statement issued by the leaders.

They expressed concern over the situation in Haiti, which was hit by an earthquake last week.

The leaders hail from the Methodist Church, the Apostolic Faith Mission, the Nazareth Baptist Church, the Salvation Army, the International Federation of Christian Churches, the Presbyterian Church of Africa, the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa, the Zionist Christian Church, the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference and others.

SWC human trafficking risk up @News24 #SouthAfrica: #HumanRights #WC2010

Posted in SWC human trafficking risk up @News24 #SouthAfrica: #HumanRights #WC2010 with tags on March 25, 2010 by Donnette E Davis

Credit source with thanks : SWC human trafficking risk up: News24: SouthAfrica: News.

Cape Town -The 2010 football World Cup will heighten the risk of human trafficking in South Africa, said a new study out on Wednesday which urged greater action against the crime.

“It’s a strong surmise that this problem will be become worse in the host cities during the month of the Cup,” Virginia Tilley of the Human Sciences Research Council, which published the research, told AFP.

“This is a natural magnet for traffickers because they figure they can make some good profits. The demand for sex and drugs really crest during these events on a large scale.”

The exploratory study, commissioned by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), called for “intervention on all fronts” into the crime.

It found that South Africa was a destination and transit country for trafficking in persons from the world and Africa, while domestic trafficking was mainly from rural to urban areas.

Women were the biggest group of victims with a demand for under-age girls “a disturbing feature” fuelled by perceptions that they were less of an HIV risk and represented “youthful sexual desirability”.

Albinos targeted

South Africa’s main World Cup host cities Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth were believed to be main destinations for underage sex tourism involving children aged 10 to 14 years.

Other findings were that body parts were trafficked with albinos targeted due to the belief that white skin has potent powers, and that traffickers ranged from crime syndicates to family members.

Links to the drugs trade were also suggested, including young boys being trafficked to distribute drugs.

“There is a very real concern that the World Cup does put people at risk,” said project leader Carol Alais from the University of South Africa.

But she warned against “alarmist statistics” – such as an estimate of 40 000 women that will be trafficked in for the tournament – in the absence of hard data.

“There’s no evidence for these numbers at all,” she said.

The research is the country’s first comprehensive study into the crime with South Africa last week proposing its first direct legislation to target trafficking.

Under the new law, trafficking offences can be punished by maximum sentences of life imprisonment and a one million rand (R1m) fine.


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