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Best of Twitter 2009 Contest ~ Is winning more important than acknowledging those who give and give and give?

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Here is a list of people I chose randomly, they are all GOOD people, they ALL contribute massive amounts of love, energy and light into our Twitterverse………….

BUT…. what do we see? We see “VOTE FOR ME…I wanna win…”

Winning this FUN CONTEST would be an achievement in intself meaning that you have contributed something valuable, friendship, inspiration, guidance, anything at all..  You could just be a LOVELY wonderful person, a #twitangel, #twittersfinest #purejoy a #hunkalert…….

BUT……….. why is it so important for the top – say 100 – top 5 or 10 pages of people to remain at the top.. what about those valuable Twitter Users who we KNOW we cannot do without and who do SO much for the Twitter Community who are not in those top 10 pages…. do they no longer count?

Will these wonderful people count again when you need love, inspiration, guidance and friendship once the contest is done and dusted?

You can vote every 20 minutes for as many people as you feel are worthy of a vote for adding value to your TwitterLife…  You can even vote for yourself as I am sure many do…. In between waiting for that 20 minutes for YOUR vote, spend some time going through the hundreds of other pages and cast a vote for someone else – someone with whom you share a mutual following and respect…. someone deserving….

Sheesh! the mind boggles…

Here is a list I compiled in the last few minutes of EXCEPTIONAL people who deserve to be voted for – NOT to win – clearly with those who do not interact with their followers who sit with 38zillion votes, they’re not going to win however much they DESERVE to win – BUT they do interact with YOU, their followers, and they add value to your Twitter experience…..

Take just 20 minutes 3 times today to go through the pages and vote for those of your followers who you interact with – give them the recognition they deserve for their valuable contributions…

My list is a random list – I love so many people and I can assure you that while your name may not be on the list below, I go through the pages and I cast my votes… whether you are on page 1 or page 110……… if i added everyone on to the list below who I voted for it would take 70000 pages 🙂

Really very simple… Play Fair – you want votes – so go give ’em -> go to

Type in the @ name without the @ and submit or find.. SIMPLE.. HIT VOTE… DONE.. literally 5 seconds of your time to acknowledge a person who has added value to your Twitter Life….
Best of Twitter 2009 – Tweeter Vote Wall Contest.

Blue Moon, the astronomical phenomenon – Wikipedia<- I needed to know ♪♫HAppy Birthday to Me♪♫

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Blue moon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Nanci Griffith , Once in a very blue moon

Have to have it… only Blue Moon I’ll ever exprience on my Birthday :D)

Very Rare Acoustic Version of Celebrity Slide – Gift to You

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Hi Holiday Revellers

Hope you are well. Well what a great time of year it is to give stuff away. We realise you guys have been great friends and supporters so we got our sticky little hands on this very rare recording of ours the other day and actually really liked it. So we decided to give you guys a copy. It is a version of our song ‘Celebrity slide’ that Michael and Damien recorded live on air at a Perth radio station earlier this year called ’96 fm’ . hope you enjoy

~ the first folks to respond to this email will be mailed a copy of the track

Email us back damiencrippsbandband or donnette and let us know if you prefer the original full band version or this acoustic stripped back version.

By the way there are 10 copies of the personally signed limited edition ‘Till Now’ hard copy CD still available. All that money is going towards Michael and Damien getting to the US in June July 2010. A huge thank you to the 40 of you who already purchased it.

Purchase Damien Cripps Band – Till Now CD here

Kind Regards Damien Cripps Band

like to find out more about the Damien Cripps Band, you can click on one any of the icons below and find us there ;

Great Homeschool and Educational Freebies and MASSIVE Back to School SAVINGS from Currclick Publishers

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Hi all

Seasons Greetings to all! Hope that your holidays were safe, fun and magica and that wonderful new love-filled memories created.

Just before Christmas I sent out an email to my St Aiden’s Subscriber list and also via Currclick… Due to a Technical glitch the email did not fo through and so was therefore not sent to my customers, friends and acquaintances at Currclick…

I copy and paste the relevant portion of the St Aidens Homeschool Update email below, just to give an indication of the current promotion where I have slashed prices of every single one of our units to $2,50 where the value was previously higher than that (Bundle products are reduced but obviously the retail value is reflected differently) You can read more below and also grab this week’s Currclick Freebie 🙂

Just in case AND to cut a long story incredibly short, I have a new catalogue of ebooks, unit studies and activity books with teaching resources that I have been working on and will be uploaded in the New Year. Out with the Old and In with the New, what I have decided to do is to discount absolutely every one of my titles** to the value of $2.50 – in some instances that is a reduction of up to $17 and more. (Where the initial value was more than $2.50)

The discounted price includes the new “Boxed” Educational Gift Packages which are choc-full of activities, books, audio files and teaching resoures. I am enjoying focusing on including audio resources into my units, and the feedback has been phenomenal. Hopefully soon audio will be a standard addition to the majority of my packages.

**Although the prices have been adjusted for Bundle products, these have NOT been reduced to $2.50 for obvious reasons. The individual units have however been reduced.

This discounted event of St Aiden’s Homeschool is live until midnight 31 December 2009 whereafter which prices will revert, old titles will be replaced with new, new units will be uploaded and a whole host of new subjects for all grades covered.

I invite you to take a look at all of our many products, reads the reviews and for the price of $2.50 I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Where prices have been lower than that in any event those figures remain the same, no adjustment.

Would love feedback so shout if there are any questions, comments, or constructive criticism. Please remember that the resources on St Aiden’s remain free of charge – and will continue to be provided to loyal subscribers for free. Occasionally I will notify subscribers by email of a Publisher Product that I and my Publisher are offering as a free download – THESE are NOT freely available on the website so keep a lookout for these units, they really are worthwhile additions to any homeschool/teacher collection

In 2010 Our New Look Catalogue Titles, where possible will include Boxed Gift Packs, such as the one depicted here. I am very excited about the presentation, quality and content of the packages and know you will be too 🙂 Preview this particular pack here

The Little Match Girl Mega Activity Gift BoxThe Little Match Girl Audio File MP3The Little Match Girl Activity Pack and Teaching Resources

With Blessings to you and yours for a fabulously magical happy and safe Holiday Season

See you again in the new Year
Best wishes always
St Aidens Homeschool
St Aiden’s Homeschool on Currclick

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly product

Snow Mini Helper
by homeschool bits

A homeschool bits Freebie!

I hope you enjoy this Snow Mini Helper. This mini helper is suggested for grades K-2 but is very flexible for lower & higher grades.


Other Featured Titles

ALL titles from St. Aiden’s Homeschool On Sale Now thru December 31st!

Animal Children ~ Poetry & Copyworkby St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa

When God made the world He planted the flowers and the grass and the trees to make things beautiful to look upon; He swung the sun and the moon and the stars in the sky to make things bright; He put the birds in the trees to fill the air with music, and when He made the animals we believe that he intended them to be the friends of man.

Why, isn’t the dog the best playmate that a boy can have? Did any one ever hear of Towser or Gyp being false friends? And the soft, dainty, cunning bit of a fluffy ball of a kitten who comes rubbing its downy sides against the tiny girl’s skirts begging for a return caress, is there a play-fellow more lovable? And the squirrel who comes begging at the window for nuts; the bunny rabbit who snuggles its delicate nose, trustingly, under the little boy’s chin; the horse who has been man’s friend in times of trouble and of peace, bearing his burdens or scampering with him over the fields and roads in play; the cow who has sent her good milk to the babies of all time; the sheep and the goats who have given of their wool to keep us warm,—we love them all dearly.
This delightful book contains poems for all the animals listed in the Index. For each poem there are pages for Tracing and Copywork, training lines for very young learners and for the enthusiastic learner I have included Cursive Copywork Pages at the end of the book.

The truly exquisite illustrations were created by by M.T. Ross.

Retail Price: $4.95 Our Price: $2.50

1st Step Elementary New Year’s Unit Course
by 1st Step

A History/Creative Writing unit course, 10 lessons all about New Year’s from 1st Step.

This course delves into Vocabulary and Geography while teaching the student the history of our yearly celebration of a new start, showing the student selected videos from around the world. Then the course guides the student through the creation of his or her own New Year’s short story, while teaching some of the essentials of story writing. Finally, the course helps the student use New Years as a tool to plan future endeavors.

A fun, chanllenging course that can be done in about two weeks, for students ages 6-8.

Retail Price: $15.00 Our Price: $7.00

How To Homeschool if Mommy- Wasn’t Good in School!

I knew this wasn’t going to be good.. Mrs. Treyton has coming over to my desk. Oh No! All the other kids were turning to see what would happen. “Come with me,” she said. With desk under strong arms we marched into the elementary school hallway. And without a warning, DUMP! All the mess of papers, and books, and odds and ends were strewn all over the floor of my Elementary school, and I was left to pick it up, and make it “in order.”

Oh how humiliating those days were, I can still feel the sting in my eyes and heart from feeling like “I just didn’t do ANYTHING right!”

Unfortunately that wasn’t all- throughout my school years I had trouble studying, and hence received bad grades on tests. Finally I was barely making it to school at all. My kinder teachers always told my parents and I, “Your daughter has so much POTENTIAL.” But, you can live on potential for only so long, before folks start to expect some results.

So, as you can imagine, when my family heard that I (of all people) wanted to homeschool- the questions came! “Are you going to be able to homeschool, you don’t seem able to be a self starter.” “You don’t want your children going to school in a mess!” “You never learned how to do your chores right, how are going to teach them to your kids?”

With all these strikes against me, I was wondering the same thing! Yet, I know the Lord called ME to homeschool. I love the sheltering influence homeschool has on a child. I love the hands-on fun that that you can giggle over for hours. I love the family bonding that nothing out there seems to match- not even family vacations or nights out at the ice cream parlor. I love the rooting out of discipline issues that happens during a typical homeschool day. “Old blue eyes” sang about my home state New York, “If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.” It is the same with homeschool! If your family can make it- being together in often stressful situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- than I with my green eyes I say “You’ll make it ANYWHERE!”

There was one time when my childhood schooling went successfully. During a move I was forced to homeschool with professional teachers in my home for approximately 2 months. In that short amount of time, my whole world was changed. I wasn’t an idiot, a mess, or a failure after all! I received “As” on my work, and had a happy heart (as I call it with my kids) towards school. My teachers liked me and I liked them. Math was (all of sudden) both easy and fun!

To be quite honest I am not sure what it was that made the difference so dramatically during those two months of homeschooling. Was it having kind teachers, having a one on one tutor, were they teaching to my learning style? I don’t know. All I know is that I could do it! And with that knowledge I know that ANYONE could do it. It just took the right kind of teaching. If I can learn, than by golly, I can teach. It might take exploring curriculum that helps me keep organized. Or it might mean using curriculum that keeps things fun and hands-on. If you are someone out there who can relate to this story I want to tell you that thanks to the Lord “YOU HAVE POTENTIAL! AND..YOU HAVE THE CAPALITIES TO HOMESCHOOL!”

Evonne Mandella is married and homeschools her 2 children in Alabama. She is the Founder of the “Read Hebrew Today” Publishing Company and the School of “Wholesome Learning.” She is a frequent Speaker at Homeschool Conferences. She can be found at

Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week

Artistic Nature Unit Studies: Sea Mammals (CHK Magazine: Aug-Sep 2009)
by LightHome Publications

The theme for this unit study is Sea Mammals.

This issue of the popular Creative Homeschooled Kids Magazine (in PDF format) contains 76 pages of delightful pictures, poems, articles, and art lessons about dolphins, porpoises, whales, and seals—from the up-to-110 foot blue whale that can hold an entire football field on its tongue, to the cute little 5 foot long ringed seal that can dive down 1,640 feet deep. We have included fun tables for your kids to compare the sizes of whales, speeds and leap heights of dolphins, and deep diving records of seals.

Your kids will read about dolphin intelligence, whale watching, and our editor’s experiences petting a baby killer whale. They will learn about pinnipeds and cetaceans, including deep ocean cachalot whales, singing humpback whales and a man who composes cello music to go with their songs, delightful white beluga whales, and even a little whale with a long horn reminiscent of unicorns!

They will learn about 3-ton (6,000-pound) elephant seals, trick-performing sea lions, cute little furry harp seals, and walruses feeling their way around in the dark depths of the Arctic Ocean, eating over 6,000 mollusks from the ocean bottom each day. How are they able to dive down so far and stay down so long without running out of breath? At each turn we share with your kids the understanding that these incredible feats of nature can only happen through design by an intelligent Creator, God.

In this issue we have included more than 20 coloring pages, beautifully done, in most cases with our colored picture examples for your kids to learn from. They will definitely improve their art abilities as they learn about color gradations, as the light aqua water at the ocean’s surface fades gradually into darker shades of turquoise and darker and darker blues. We show them how to portray the ocean’s sunshine surface as a sea mammal looks u pward from beneath the water. And they’ll learn about reflecting sunset skies in the water, too.

This issue contains more than a dozen paintings of the sea (including sailboats) by famous artists for your kids to enjoy, discuss, and in some cases seek to replicate, in order to learn the simple art principles that they convey. We feature artist Winslow Homer and discuss how he creates cheerful or anxious moods depending on the colors he uses. And we share our own family drawings of dugongs, beluga whales and seals (drawn by our kids at ages 13 and 15.) We also teach children how to draw sweet eyes on animals.

In addition to all this, you get 4 different word search puzzles that include all species of whales, dolphins, and seals, word games, dot-to-dots, mazes, and words to unscramble. Plus we include math, music, health, P.E., history and geography lessons that fit our sea mammals theme.

Best of all, we give you an exciting 2-page article about archeological discoveries that may confirm the crossing of the Red Sea by Moses and the Children of Israel by God’s incredible miracles. We also share many other Bible verses placed among our art and nature illustrations.

So get ready to be inspired! Buy this issue only, or save over 60% on the cost of 6 issues by buying an annual subscription to this bimonthly magazine, and download your August-September issue of Creative Homeschooled Kids Magazine today. Our Price: $4.50

New at

All About the Winter Olympics: Grades 2-3 (Enhanced eBook)
by S&S Learning Materials

Celebrate the Winter Olympics in your classroom. Stimulate interest and awareness of the history of the games; traditions carried out prior to the games and during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies; types of sporting events; your countries athletes; sporting equipment used; its location and sportsmanship.

This enhanced eBook gives you the freedom to copy and paste the content of each page into the format that fits your needs. You can post lessons on your class website, make student copies, extract or rotate pages, and edit the contents of the file.

Our Price: $20.99

Also available: The Winter Olympics: Grades 4-8 (Enhanced eBook)

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Making Merry With This Year’s Holiday Music – Voice of America | Music, Songs,Movies and Music Videos

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Making Merry With This Year’s Holiday Music – Voice of America | Music, Songs,Movies and Music Videos.

Deeply honoured to be mentioned on these pages.

Thank you.  Season’s Greetings

Making Merry With This Year’s Holiday Music – Voice of America

Voice of America

Making Merry With This Year’s Holiday Music
Voice of America
As always, music makers released lots of new holiday albums this year. There are country, jazz, gospel and other kinds of holiday songs.
Tim Cain column: Crosby launched a classicHerald & Review
More Christmas music that doesn’t suck[here]
Since the famous song debuted, white Christmases have been scarce herePittsburgh Post Gazette

all 12 news articles »

Fri, 25 Dec 2009 00:59:08 GMT+00:00
more info…
Best Movies Ever: The ’00s (10-1) – Inside Movies
As the motion picture industry begins its second 100 years, we take stock of the good and the bad. Escapist fare like musicals (’Chicago’) may

Fri, 25 Dec 2009 01:42:23 +0000
more info…
The Magical Anticipation of Christmas~ St Aidens Homeschool
Along with the wide variety of decorations in shops and malls, not to mention our own family homes, there also is the sound of music playing, bells ringing, the laughter and wishes of Merry Christmas from shoppers, friends old and new, family members, old acquaintances, that also create a special atmosphere and add to the magic of Christmas.

Ronan Keating – Gallery

Posted in Music, Ronan Keating on December 24, 2009 by Donnette E Davis

Ronan Keating – Gallery.

OMIGOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh my!! track listing of the Ronan Keating, Limited Edition Winter Songs ~ Well worth downloading the whole album form Amazon

1. Winter Song
2. Stay
3. Scars
4. Homeward Bound
5. River
6. It’s Only Christmas
7. Little Drummer Boy
8. Ring Them Bells
9. Caldedonia
10. Silent Night
11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
12. I Won’t Last A Day Without You


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