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#LegendsMarathon #Wellness Expo Information pack

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Legends Marathon Wellness Expo 2015

Legends Marathon Wellness Expo

Legends Marathon Wellness Expo

East London sees the launch of the Legends Marathon Wellness Expo, to be held over three days, between 30 September and 02 October 2015, at the Osner Hotel, East London Beachfront, and sets the stage for the Legends Marathon 2015. The venture is in partnership with Kat Leisure, who is the marathon’s Expo and accommodation partner. The event will attract athletes, families and friends to the precinct whose capacity is just under 4000.

In the third installment of the Legends Marathon events, it is expected that some 10000 athletes, both professional and local, international and South African, will line up at the start of the events. Legends Marathon comprises a series of events; namely a 68 km ultra-marathon, a 21.1km half-marathon, and a 5 km fun run.

The events will take place on 03 October 2015, and entries are open at for online booking. The implementation of the Wellness Expo seeks to cement the ideal of health, healthy living and a sense of community; characteristics that Legends Marathon has made its own.

The Legends Marathon, now in its third year, provides the missing link in the repositioning of the Eastern Cape as the Home of Legends; a link that puts the province on the calendar of international athletic meetings, provides television coverage on free-to-air television, creates jobs, and injects the necessary economic and tourism boost to the province. The Legends Marathon celebrates the legendary spirit of the Eastern Cape, its icons of the struggle, individuals, physical and spiritual beacons which marked the route to freedom, identified by the people themselves.

The two big marathons in South Africa i.e. Comrades Marathon and Two Oceans respectively, attract a combined number of over 40 000 participants. The Two Oceans Half Marathon accounts for over 25 000 of this figure. International athletes come from 59 countries from around the globe; this shows just how popular South Africa is as a sports Tourism destination.

The Eastern Cape will benefit from this goodwill and the Legends Marathon is a sure game changer in this regard. The Legends Marathon is now an approved qualifying event for both races. This means some of the participants in the two events will use the Legends Marathon as a qualifying race. This helps boost the number of visitors to the Eastern Cape. The Wellness Expo is designed primarily to embrace these numbers. The inaugural event will attract about 4000 people in the 1st year.

The staging of the Legends Marathon in the Eastern Cape achieves the following :

• Positions the Eastern Cape as an event as one of the top event destinations in SA

• Job creation, and human resources are up-skilled.

• Direct and indirect spend is a catalyst for further economic development.

• Donor and sponsor funding is channeled internally.

• Creates a platform for subsequent legacy funding opportunities • Encourages return tourism visits to the province which, in turn, creates more jobs

• Improves domestics tourism and promotes associated local tourism products

Development Opportunities for PDI’s Services to be implemented and their relevance to the staging of the marathon, include food stalls, ablution, photographic, catering, printing, marquees, transport, security.

Food Stalls: A number of food vendors will be selected to sell food to the public. All these vendors will be assisted to comply with the BCMM Health and Fire regulations.

Ablution Facilities: The event requires use of these facilities and will be sourced from local PDI’s, Janitors will be on duty throughout the event to service these. All these will be sourced locally.

Photographic: A professional photographer will be appointed to capture the activities on the day, both still and motion photogra­phy

Catering Services: These services are provided from about a week before the event as experts, media crews arrived in the province to prepare logistics for the event. During the expo and the race a number of catering companies are hired for different groups of stake holders i.e. media, administrators, athletes, VIP’s etc.

Printing: Printing services for our marketing materials, signage, administrative support documents, Accreditation Cards etc. will be sourced, all using local small businesses.

Marquees: Marquees erected for the expo, SABC, Media, Athletes Tent and emergency Services are sourced locally. All marquees are issued with the required Engineer’s Safety Certificates.

Transport: Taxis and buses will be hired to transport athletes from the expo to local hotels and Jan Smuts Stadium. Security Guards: A local security company will be appointed to secure all the equipment and belongings of the exhibitors whilst ensuring the safety of the visitors to the expo. They will also assist with parking, security functions and will also act as marshals. etc. For exhibitors and visitors convenience an ATM is situated at Spar shopping complex diagonally across from

from the expo.

Ambulance services will be on site throughout the Expo.

An exhibitor lounge is available at the Hotel Osner throughout the show. Exhibitors will be able to catch up on emails, have a light snack or enjoying the beautiful view.

For more on how you can be a part of this iconic initiative, please contact The Marathon’s offices via telephone 043 735 1032 or email:

With the subject heading “Legends Marathon Wellness Expo”

Follow updates on Social Media:

the expo. Ambulance services will be on site throughout the Expo. An exhibitor lounge is available at the Hotel Osner throughout the show. Exhibitors will be able to catch up on emails, have a light snack or enjoying the beautiful view. For more on how you can be a part of this iconic initiative, please contact The Marathon’s offices via telephone 043 735 1032 or email: With the subject heading “Legends Marathon Wellness Expo” Follow updates on Social Media: Http://

‘Criminal’ Attorney Buks van der Schyff sues for personal support maintenance

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‘Criminal’ attorney & delinquent father, Buks van der Schyff of Brackenfell, Cape, decides to sue for personal support for himself, according to the papers which were served on my home late yesterday in my absence.

Van der Schyff has been outwitting and intimidating court officials for over a decade and has thus far managed to evade the law by unnecessary expensive and prolonged court applications-all in the name of avoiding having to comply with a High Court order issued in 2001 in respect of maintenance contributions for his two daughters… and of course in an effort to hide his assets including a luxury Mercedes Benz, amongst other vehicles.

Last week he went as far as denying who he is to the Sheriff of the High Court despite his residence and office premises being on the same property, an address clearly advertised on his website

He faces criminal charges, the penalty of which, if convicted, could result in a lengthy term of imprisonment.

I don’t think anyone deserves it more!

Cape Town defence attorney faces criminal charges for breaching High Court Maintenance Order

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Cape Town defence attorney, George Petrus van der Schyff of the firm Buks van der Schyff Inc, situated in Lula Street, De Tuin, Brackenfell, Western Cape, faces criminal charges for failure to comply with a High Court Divorce order issued in 2001 in respect of maintenance for his two minor children. The criminal charge, under Section 31 of the Maintenance Act 99 of 1998 is under investigation with the Pietermaritzburg Detective Branch.  Should van der Schyff be found guilty of the offense, he faces inter alia a term of imprisonment.

Van Der Schyff has also been subpoenaed to appear before a Pietermaritzburg magistrate on Tuesday 26 August 2014, for a full financial inquiry as to his present circumstances. Further under investigation is van der Schyff’s unsubstantiated claim to have been placed under “Debt Counseling” by his friend and former clerk, Wynand Basson; court application and order allegedly being granted within two weeks of application. Attempts to obtain official court records of this “application” have thus far proved futile.

van Der Schyff owes almost R70000 in respect of unpaid expenses for his two daughters, and has thus far, refused to comply with a previous court order by Magistrate Dathoo in 2011 to produce financial and audited statements. On Monday the High Court authorized a warrant of execution against van der Schyff’s assets.

van der Schyff is the owner of, inter alia, a Mercedes Benz C Class luxury motor vehicle, and is the registered owner of immovable property, operates his business independently with a number of clerks/associates in his employ.

 mercedes benz buks van der schyff

According to his website he specializes in Criminal Defense Law and Family Law issues such as divorce, custody, and maintenance matters.

Parents:- For more information and advice if you are fighting this seemingly losing battle please visit:

Failure to pay Maintenance

If the non-custodial parent does not pay maintenance, even though being issued with an order, the court can instruct his/her employer to deduct the monthly amount directly from his/her salary.  A parent who refuses to pay any child maintenance risks having their personal possessions seized and sold, the proceeds of which will be paid to the custodial parent.  Although the courts are against sending a person to prison for non-payment of maintenance, the offender runs the risk of facing a prison sentence.



And the little guys take on Rugby @CowanHouseKZN

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Not my first choice – in fact not even on my agenda, not in my wildest nightmares, would I ever had conceded to my son playing rugby.  No, not going to happen.

The devastation on his face, and the disapproving looks and nods, and subsequent emails indicated to me that at this early level, there’s every chance that this game of “rugby” is a social occasion, learning the basics, without learning the “hard truth”.  I was outnumbered.

First and only practice before his first rugby festival saw Aiden acquiring absolutely everything he needed to protect his tiny frame, including buying “muscles” – the padding to cover that bony body.

End result:  they won 1, drew 2 and lost 1 to a far superior Durban Junior team.  But was it exciting?  Did I “get into it”? um.. #NoComment – I concede to having a slightly hoarse voice the following morning.

Enjoy the photos of these young men being developed into South Africa’s favourite sport.


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The Kenyans are coming PICS – 4 @2OceansMarathon #OMTOM #OldMutual #MEDIA RELEASE

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With Old Mutual having pledged R1million each to the first male and female runner to break the course record for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon in 2014, interest in the race is being shown from all quarters with the most recent confirmation being that the Kenyans are coming.

Several Kenyan runners will be part of the Old Mutual Running Club starting line up for this year’s race. They include Dubai Marathon 2011 winner, David Barmasai and fearless fast runner Nickson Kipketer Koech, who are both serious challengers for the record.

Breaking the record is going to be a tall ask: the women’s course record has stood for 25 years when in 1989, on a brutally hot day, Frith van der Merwe set an astonishingly fast pace to finish in a winning time of 3:30:36.

One year earlier in1988, the late Thompson Magawana, running his first Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, bettered the course record by 6 seconds in a winning time of 3:03:44.

The closest any runner has come since then is Zimbabwean Marko Mambo, who ran 3:05:39 in 2005, who has won the race three times. Russian Olesya Nurgalieva ran the second fastest women’s time in 2008 when she crossed the finish line in 3:34:53. Olesya has a personal best marathon time of 02H27.

The R1 million course record now makes the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon the most rewarding road race in the Southern Hemisphere and the richest ultra-marathon in the world.

Mokaedi Dilotsotlhe, General Manager Marketing for Old Mutual says, “We want to encourage top runners from around South Africa and the rest of Africa to come and compete in the biggest road running event on the African continent.”

The Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon attracts 16 000, 10 000, 7 000 and 1 000 ultra, half-marathon, fun and trail runners respectively.

Look out for more updates on leading contenders in the ultra-marathon.


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Constitutionally Speaking, Streisand Effect, and Continue Elaborating #SALaw

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Words, like social media, are very powerful.  They are used to inform, entertain and educate the public, readers and listeners.   Words can be used to expose faults or abuses in society and to identify people who are to blame.    In common law, a matter normally has to be false to be considered defamatory.

The law is there to protect a person’s reputation in the community or society.   The law is not there to protect the reputation that he would like to have.

B Martin CC contends that defamation is the most common law used against citizen protest, but others are used such as business torts, conspiracy and judicial process abuse. These uses of the law have been dubbed “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” or SLAPPs.  Companies have little chance of success in these suits, but that doesn’t matter.  The main object in a SLAPP is to intimidate citizens, discouraging them from speaking out.  He goes on further to state:

If you are threatened with a defamation action, one strategy is to just ignore it and carry on as before.  Alternatively, invite the threatener to send the writ to your solicitor…The main thing is not to be deterred from speaking out.

Just because you are sued doesn’t mean you can’t say anything more. (Many organisations avoid making comment by saying that an issue is sub judice [under judicial consideration] but that’s just an excuse.)  You can still speak. In particular, you can comment on the defamation action itself and its impact on free speech.

A powerful response to a defamation suit is to expand the original criticism.

Martin also cites what I consider to be a rather amusing case which had the exact opposite effect the plaintiff was seeking.  In it  he says “Helen Steel and Dave Morris, members of London Greenpeace, produced a leaflet critical of McDonald’s. McDonald’s sued. Steel and Morris, with no income, defended themselves. They used the trial to generate lots of publicity. Because of the trial, their leaflet has reached a far greater audience than would have been possible otherwise. The whole exercise has been a public relations disaster for McDonald’s.”

2013 February – Constitutionally Speaking.

What a wonderful read this was.  It is always inspiring to read an article written from a place of knowledge and experience, when clearly the author has examined every aspect of his post pre-publication.

I particularly enjoyed:

When you sue somebody for defamation, you usually make things worse by attracting attention to the offensive comment. When you do not laugh off a slightly unhinged comment like that, your response sends a signal that the comment really hurt you and might actually be close to the truth. And if you then threaten to sue or actually sue, you might well further harm any reputation you might have left – instead of protecting it from harm.

And of interest to some might be the following:

Once you have convinced a court that statements made about you are defamatory, it is presumed that the publication was both unlawful and intentional. If you want to avoid liability for making such prima facie defamatory statements, you will have to raise a defence which either shows that the statements were not made intentionally or were not unlawful. As the Constitutional Court explained in Khumalo v Holomisa:

Although not a closed list, the most commonly raised defences to rebut unlawfulness are that the publication was true and in the public benefit; that the publication constituted fair comment and that the publication was made on a privileged occasion.

This means you will not be liable for defamation if you can show to a court that what you had said was both true and was on a matter that was in the public interest.

From WebTech Law arises another interesting scenario recently played out where, it seems, hard-done-by’s allegedly threatened an urgent interdict.  They didn’t like what someone wrote, which that someone reasonably believed was true.

…. some of the challenges that the Courts will face enforcing an interdict (like in this matter) will be how to quantify the damages to compensate for the possible loss of profit suffered… as the internet has almost infinite reach and it could become challenging to determine the impact of the publication.  A further hurdle which the courts may face in enforcing the interdict is the fact that trying to remove something from the internet is like trying to remove pee from a pool. It would be very difficult to remove the report as well as the Twitter and Facebook comments as the news has been spread so far and wide by now that it becomes almost impossible to prevent people from viewing it. To tie into that, a phenomenon which has been starting to merge in similar cases to this one is something called the “Streisand-effect”. The just of this is that ….. by attempting to remove information or statements, etc more attention is brought to whatever it is that you are trying to remove, with the effect that it has the complete opposite effect than what it was attempting.

The test for defamation is called “the objective reasonable person test” and can be summarised as follows:

A reasonable person is fictional, normal, well-balanced and right-thinking person with normal emotional reaction and a person of average intellect and knowledge, in other words, not a person with expert knowledge on defamation, or the law.

Any judge in South Africa looking at any action or motion proceedings is required to apply the “reasonable person test” when assessing any action…  If it is true, if it is an opinion based on truth, if it is in the interests of the public, it if can be substantiated by documentation and research – is it REALLY defamation?

I question the agenda of any person who rushes out in defence of an article when, in fact, there may be little or no defence at all, but attempt, by employing intimidation tactics, to brush expressed opinion and fact under the carpet.  There is a universe of information available before going all out on a limb, which could have the absolute opposite effect to what he/she is attempting to achieve.

Beware that you bring any legal proceedings against any person who has a valid and reasonable basis for what has been written.  Beware that your intended intimidation and threats are not brought about by trying to conceal the truth.

south african law - its available on the internet

Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, use #SocialMedia To Talk About It #StopBullying13

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October 21, 2013

Contact: HHS Press Office


Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

A statement by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

October is International Bullying Prevention Awareness Month – when individuals, families, schools, and communities across the nation help to raise awareness about bullying prevention. Bullying remains a widespread problem with nearly 30 percent of adolescents in the U.S. reporting some experience with bullying, whether as the victim, the bully or both. An infographic developed by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) highlights important facts and information about bullying prevention. We know that there are a number of emotional effects that can result from bullying such as depression and anxiety. There are also physical effects as well, like headaches and stomachaches, and sleep problems. In a special supplement of the Journal of Adolescent Health supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) we see how researchers continue to investigate the complex relationship between bullying and suicide.

But help is available. I am very pleased to highlight a number of exciting activities and initiatives that HHS will be launching during Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.

Media Guidelines for Bullying Prevention. Media coverage of social issues can have a widespread impact on how communities understand and address problems. SAMHSA has developed media guidelines conveniently located in the newsroom of This guidance offers help to journalists, bloggers, and others to engage in responsible reporting on this important topic.

Conversation Starters Mobile App. Later this month, SAMHSA will release a mobile app for parents to help start conversations with their children about bullying. This app will be available for both Android and Apple platforms.

Bullying Prevention Training Center. This revamped section of provides a one-stop-shop for training materials for educators and community leaders. These new materials, developed by HRSA, will be available in late October in our training section on

Successful bullying prevention can’t happen alone! We work closely with the Departments of Education, Justice, and Agriculture, and others, through the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention; including supporting, which continues to be an excellent resource for bullying prevention information.

We are collaborating with these offices to support youth engagement. Across the country, youth are encouraged to talk about bullying by organizing bullying prevention social and educational events through youth organizations in their communities. Youth can report back on these activities through our Tumblr page.

The Department of Education has issued guidance in the form of a Dear Colleague letter that provides an overview of school districts’ responsibilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to address bullying of students with disabilities.

With all of these resources available, it’s a great time to consider how you can help raise awareness about bullying and take action to stop it.  Find out the latest policies and laws that are in your state.  Teens can find inspiration by visiting our Tumblr site.  Tell us what you are going to do by engaging on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  And follow along with Bullying Prevention Awareness Month Activities at #StopBullying13.

via Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.


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